Elliot Plant

Full stack software engineer

About Me

I'm a full stack software engineer who loves to build apps that change the way people see the world. I've created products for web, mobile, and virtual reality, and I always seek opportunities to work with new technologies and platforms. I strive to write clean, intuitive, and friendly code that is fun to play with, both for developers and users.

I've worked extensively on both the front and back ends of numerous apps, created RESTful APIs, designed complex database schemas, and engineered responsive user interfaces.

I am an expert in Javascript, familiar with Swift and Python, and I constantly look out for opportunities to learn new languages. The technologies I know and love include A-Frame VR, HTML5, CSS3, React, React Native, Socket.io, Node, Angular, jQuery, Postgres, Sequelize, SQL, Backbone, DigitalOcean, git, MongoDB, Mongoose, and ES6.


You can find the source code for all of these projects and more on my github


Bubble Tanks

Battle your friends with virtual tanks in real time. Built with Socket.io, A-Frame VR, React, Docker, Node, and Webpack.

Celestial Dance

A virtual reality orbital mechanics simulation built with A-Frame VR, React, Docker, Node, and Webpack. Featured on the weekly A-Frame blog.


An iOS app that quickly gets the BART train schedule, built with Swift in Xcode using the open BART API.

Open Door

An iOS app that makes it easy to host events and see where you're invited, built with React Native, Redux, Node, and Postgres

Open Door

Photo Drop

A native iOS geolocation based photosharing app built with React Native, Node, and MongoDB

Photo Drop


A mobile first competitive running app built with the MEAN stack

Bolt Webapp

Contact Elliot Plant

Feel free to email me to provide some feedback on my projects, offer suggestions for new ideas, or to just say hello!